Saronic Gulf

The gulf includes the islands of Aegina, Salamis, and Poros along with smaller islands of Patroklos and Fleves. The port of Piraeus, Athens’ port, lies on the northeastern edge of the gulf. The site of the former Ellinikon International Airport is also in the northeast.
Beaches line much of the gulf coast from Poros to Epidaurus, Galataki to Kineta and from Megara to Eleusis and from Piraeus down to Anavyssos. Athens’ urban area surrounds the northern and the eastern coasts of this gulf.
Bays in the gulf include Phaleron Bay, Elefsina Bay to the north, Kechries Bay in the northwest and Sofiko Bay in the east.

About The Location

Sailing is popular in the Saronic Gulf which, like the neighbouring Argolic Gulf, benefits from the Attic mainland’s partial shelter from the summer Meltemi wind that can reach Force 7 and above further to the east in the Aegean islands.

The Gulf boasts two particularly notable archaeological sites: the ancient theatre at Epidaurus and nearby asclepieion and the Temple of Aphaia on Aegina.

Aegina is a common stopover for sailing trips starting or ending in Athens and has a thriving sailing community found in the cafes and bars around the main marine

Poros is another popular sailing destination and has a number of sailing schools based there. Poros’ old town is charming, with great views from the old clock tower which is easily visible when entering Poros’ marina.

Hydra is well known for its many art exhibitions and its lack of cars! What could be more pleasing than relaxing after a good day’s sailing with only the sounds of nature and merriment as a background?

Spetses has an illustrious history due to its important role in the Greek War for Independence. Nowadays Spetses is a place where super yachts and normal yachts happily mingle in the marina and has a nightlife to rival that of many of the more well known Greek islands!

While not an island, it would be foolish to not include a quick trip to the world famous Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus while we are sailing the area!